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Welcome to the Shakedown Blog: a place for me to present my writing.

First off, let me start off by saying, I’m 15. This shouldn’t mean much, but if it does, then feel free to interpret that in anyway you wish. I’m looking to become a music journalist, and that is the main point of “The Shakedown Blog”. I go to a lot of concerts, 99% of them are bands in the “Jam Band” or “Jam (blue)grass” genre, but I also enjoy classic rock bands as well. If I HAD to label myself, I would be under the “hippie” category. I love going to the concerts I can go to, and is one of the main things I enjoy doing on this earth. With that said, I am looking for a way to make a profession out of writing, therefore, please read below if you are a magazine/blog/writer that can give me the given opportunity to prove myself to the audience I am ever-so eager to tend to. I live in New Jersey, but wish to move out to California one day. I also play the drums, which gives me a perspective on the whole music industry. Another perspective I have graciously been given is to have made friends with some of the bands I see. And my final inside “hook-up” to the music industry is working with a band called the McLovins. Never the less, I am a lucky kid. Please do enjoy what I come up with, because I have fun writing it. Give me honest feedback, because that will bring me closer to my dream of writing for bigger magazines and blogs.

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